8 Best Auto Mouse Clicker Of 2021

The auto clicker is a program that makes life more convenient for PC users by taking a lot of their workload off their shoulders and performing the repetitive and hectic tasks in an effortless manner which would have been quite a burden otherwise. By virtue of its name, such software automates the clicking process for ease of use for users.

Using a mouse is not difficult and one may wonder why software should replace manual clicking however, someone who has used those online portals, interactive PC games, and repetitive tasks on their computer day after day will not wait for another minute to get a free auto clicker to assist them. Let's take a look at some good auto clicker software currently available on the market and see which one is better suited to your needs.

CB Auto Clicker

This free software provides PC users with a user-friendly interface to help them manage mouse clicking tasks in an efficient manner. Using keystrokes, you can record clicks and later use them as an automatic mouse clicker to click the same buttons and areas on your screen.

It maps your laptop or computer screen using latitudes and longitudes and keeps a record of your mouse clicks using a coordinates system.

Free Mouse Clicker

This program is also useful for automating clicks. On the left top corner of the interface is a cute mouse, which represents what Free Mouse Clicker will replace for a PC user. With this software, you can specify your desired clicking interval, Hot Keys, for starting and stopping the clicking process by pressing the shortcut keys you want, while "Mouse Action" allows you to select whether you want the free auto clicker to click right or left.

We can say that this mouse clicker offers all the essential functionality of a mouse clicker, so you can use it to ease your hands a little while clicking repetitively on your computer.

Auto Clicker

Users can consider the benefits of automation for their click requirements with Auto Clicker, another free program. By making repetitive clicking robust and easy, it makes tedious tasks a breeze. Below is the address where it can be downloaded:

Auto Clicker allows you to have it follow the cursor movement and execute a click as soon as you stop it somewhere on the screen, or you can have it click several times at once. Auto Clicker has frequent updates to make it more effective and useful and all these updates can be downloaded without paying any cost.

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a simple and basic program designed for PC users to schedule their clicking requirements. Use an Auto Clicker to ease your hand if you are constantly using the mouse and repeating the same things over and over again.

The file menu, options, and help buttons can be accessed in three drop-down lists. To get familiar with the working of the software, one leads you to start clicking, and the other takes you to the "Help" topics. GS Auto Clicker can be downloaded at the following link:

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Shocker promotes this software as an exciting and simple way to click. Shocker's Auto Clicker is free and easy to use. It has shortcut keys, active online support, and all the basic options to automate the clicking processes. The following link will allow you to download it:


MAC Auto Clicker automatically clicks at a specific mouse cursor location as many times as you like.

Users can download Auto Clicker for MAC for free. A variety of features are available, including intervals before, between, and after a click.

Most gamers are now switching to macOS, which drives the demand for MAC Auto Clickers to increase. Apart from gaming, MAC Automatic clickers can also be used on websites where multiple clicks are required continuously.

OP Auto Clicker

The Op Auto Clicker, unlike other auto clickers, is a fully-featured auto clicker with two ways to configure it. You can click on either of these locations or at a place where your cursor is.

A maximum number of clicks can also be set in OP Auto Clicker or left blank if an infinite number is required. These Minecraft auto clickers are ranked among the best by gamers because of their features and simplicity.

Roblox Auto Clicker

Roblox Autoclicker is a software that automatically clicks the mouse in the game at fixed intervals. In simple words, it is not different than just a regular automatic clicker.

It is possible to hold back on recording previous inputs as well as to trigger this custom-made Roblox key clicker based on presently generated inputs.

Both Android and iOS platforms are supported by this Auto Clicker. You can play the games online without being in front of your computer with a Roblox clicker. The fact that it's free makes this an ideal option for gamers? If yes, then why wait? This automated Roblox clicker can be downloaded right now!


Although there are a variety of options for auto-clicking programs for PCs, Free Auto Clicker is found to be the most reliable and pleasant to use, according to user reviews. It is safe and tested by experts to not put any load on your computer's processor while performing clicking tasks.

How To Use Free Auto Mouse Clicker

Step 1: Record desired positions for clicking.

You will see the below-mentioned interface after you have installed it on your computer. By moving the mouse to the desired locations and using the "Space Bar" button on your keyboard, you will be able to save those coordinates in an array on your screen. Pressing the "Space Bar" will add each of the desired positions to the X-Y List.

Step 2: Setting a time limit for clicking tasks.

Once we've recorded the desired positions, the next step is to set the "Click Interval", or when and where to stop the clicking spree.'

Step 3: Selecting Left or Right for clicking.

We need to choose whether the clicking task should be done with the left or right mouse button once we have set time constraints. Start the process by clicking the "Start" button.